Friday, June 09, 2006

Four flags has to be an indication of a carefully staged event. So, who is really running Australia, and on whose behalf? US President, George w Bush seems to think he is - but Australians didn't elect him.,GGLG:2006-01,GGLG:en%26sa%3DN

... and here is the John Howard version.

Thanks to Radio National, The Book Show and Romona Koval and your discussants Steven Poole, Don Watson and Ruth Wajnryb for the programme War on Words, Friday 9 June 2006, a lively and thought-provoking discussion.

Propaganda and all its subsidiaries is an essential element in our lives at this time. It is in every image of a political operator, what they wear, their gestures, tone of voice and words they utter – even in the background (like the Australian flag). Everything is scripted, choreographed, orchestrated, confected for our consumption – and every aspect of this construct need to be very sceptically examined. There is little we can believe any more. It is all too clever by half. We have to study this phenomenon.

There is also a sudden realisation that over the past sixty years it is 'us', 'our side', 'the goodies' who have been responsible for so much aggression and violations of human rights and international law - and we can't believe it. We refuse to believe that much of what we heard about Nazi Germany is now true of us. The war against the people of Iraq is just one of the most recent and blatant manifestations of this. We are not peacemakers. We are not bringing ‘democracy’ to the world. We are delivering terror and misery into the lives of millions of people.

I applaud this work by Steven Poole on ‘unspeak’.

This is an essay I have written about the images of war that we are being shown and what they tell us about propaganda.

Willy Bach


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