Thursday, June 08, 2006
Robert Fisk – empathy with the suffering of the Iraqi people

“Please note that some of these pictures are not suitable for small children and those who have weak hearts. The following pictures are only of a very tiny fraction of the thousands of Iraqi Civilian Victims who have been terrorised, humiliated, injured, maimed and killed through British and American Bombing of civilian areas in various cities of Iraq. Due to insecurity, Independent Reporters could not and still can not reach many areas to photograph and report the atrocities. Even after the bombing had stopped, thousands of civilians continue to suffer and die due to their severe injuries. We kindly request Independent News Reporters to send us photos of the Anglo-American atrocities in Iraq for inclusion on these pages”.
Robert Fisk (2003) 121

Japanese photojournalist, Takashi Morizumi has taken photos that deal with the horrors and ravages of war and economic sanctions in Iraq. Morizumi creates photographs that were obviously taken with the consent of his subjects. Peoples’ own stories are an integral part of the process. Their pain and suffering is our foremost thought when we view these photographs. The pictures resonate with us as these fellow human beings have names and their facial expressions ask us to justify why such brutality has been inflicted on them.

Takashi Morizumi’s Mission Statement (extract) reads as follows:

“As citizens concerned with social justice and the deteriorating situation in Iraq, we have conceived a program that we hope will draw attention to the devastation of war and economic sanctions on the people of Iraq. We hope to expose the genocide and moral bankruptcy of U.S. foreign policy regarding people in Iraq, especially children.
Many people in America know little about what actually goes on in Iraq other than what the government-controlled media tells them. Many Americans are misinformed about the effects that government policy has on the civilian population. Bringing the truth to the public attention is our program’s objective”. 102


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